Ballroom Dresses to Rent, Buy and Consign
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For Ballroom Dresses:

We UPS 2-day for shipping and there are another of options to choose from. Included in your package will be return instructions and a preprinted return label for your convenience. This label must be used to return packages.

A signature will be required to receive the package.

UPS 2nd day air deliveries to residences/commercial are in 2 business days.  Pre-covid this was guaranteed although that still has not be reinstated (nor with other carries like FedEx). We have found UPS very consistent in making this time, it is just not guaranteed. Please plan rental start date accordingly. 

UPS Next Day air deliveries to residences/commercials are guaranteed next day.  Exceptions would be due to things beyond anyone’s control like extreme weather during transit.

Although FedEx will deliver to some locations on Saturdays (per above), Saturday and Sunday are not counted as regular shipping days. This means that packages shipped on Thursday via 2-day will not be delivered until the following Monday; Friday shipments via 2-day would be delivered the following Tuesday.

If you return a package to a FedEx mail box on a Saturday, it will not be picked up until the following Monday. So, the actual return ship date is not that Saturday but the following Monday. Please keep this in mind for returns so you are not late.

Shipping to your Home, Business or Studio

Shipping to your home:

Please use care to enter your correct Shipping Address. An incorrect address can result in delays and a minimum $10 delivery surcharge by FedEx. All home shipping require a signature.

Shipping to your business or Studio:

Please remember to include the business name. All business shipping require a signature. Please note that UPS may attempt to deliver the package before a business is open. We can request the package to be delivered after 11am (or the time you like) but they may not be able to honor this. UPS shipment schedule changes daily depending on the shipments that day and they have to pick the most efficient route. This is why they cannot always honor a time frame. If the package is delivered before the business is open, you must pick up the package at a local station. If you do not pick up the package, you will lose a day of try-on or a day off your reservation.


There are some holidays where UPS is closed. Visit UPS Holidays to view. Please take these holidays into account for your try-on/reservation planning.

Rental Returns:

UPS  must be used for all returns. Timely Returns are extremely important to inventory management and ultimately, you, the customer.

Try-ons must be returned 2-days after receipt using the return label included.

Reservation returns are typically due the Monday after competition events ending on the weekend. Return instructions will include the return date for these events as well as those that are ending during the week (showcases, etc).

Reservations fees are for 1 up to 5 days. Please contact us via email if your event requires you to have a dress for a longer period - additional fees may be due.

Lost Return Labels:

The UPS system we have implemented will allow us to email you a label if needed. However, if you don't realize this until the day of the return, you may not receive the emailed label in time to get the package out that day. In this case, the client must take the package to a UPS manned station and process a manual label so that the package is returned on time. If you find yourself a day late, it would be worth the extra money to use overnight shipping (see late fees below) and gain that day back.

Other Rental Delivery Options:

Hold at UPS location

You may want to arrange to pick up your shipment/dress(es) at a UPS  location of your choice. You may go to and enter your address to search for UPS locations. Make sure you select 'filter the search' to include the Express Hold at location option.

Once you find your desire location, just make this your Ship To location when checking out.

Local Pickup:

You will arrange to pick up the dress(es) at our location (4108 Tansley Court, Greensboro, NC 27407).