Ballroom Dresses to Rent, Buy and Consign
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Consignment terms and conditions

Rhythmic Rentals, LLC

Our promise to you!

Rhythmic Rentals has a huge selection of ballroom dresses for rent, an unmatched reputation for customer service and satisfaction, and are referred to by a wide range dance studios across the country. We promise to promote and offer your dress to our customers as if it were our own. 

How it Works

Email us digital pictures and any associated dress details. Please include the following: Designer (if known); Dress Size; Dress Age; Original Price of dress (if known); Selling Price (if applicable); Dress condition; any additional dress details.

We review the dress and if it looks like something we feel matches our inventory and will appeal to our customer base, we ask consignee to ship the dress to us (you are responsible for shipping fees to us and return fees if necessary).

Once we agree to carry the dress, we schedule the dresses for pictures at our next photo shoot, publish them to our website and keep them safely stored at our location – we will treat them exactly as we treat our own dresses – they will be just like our own inventory but the consignee continues to own the dress.

Consignee can still use their dress whenever they want, as long as it is available (does not interfere with existing try-ons or reservations). A cleaning/handling fee of $50 will be charged along with any shipping charges in this case. If the dress is available, we’ll schedule and reserve it just as we would for any other dress.

Consignee Duties

Email your dress details/photos to us at

Send the dress to Rhythmic Rentals, 4108 Tansley Court, Greensboro, NC 27407. Email us tracking number and any other shipping details.

Make sure the dress has been properly cleaned prior to sending dress to us. Otherwise, there will be a $50 cleaning fee per dress.

Once dresses are accepted and published we will send you a dress code. Register you dresses and accept these terms and conditions.

If listing for sale only, please create an account through our site and we will send you an email order for setup/carrying fees.  

Rhythmic Rental Duties

Once dress(es) are received by us and accepted into our inventory, we immediately add it to our next photo schedule.  Once pictures are taken and edited they are published on our website. We will then send you the dress code(s) for you to register your dress(es)

We are also responsible for coordinating dress try-ons, rentals and sales, and also cleaning the dress after each dress rental.

Financial Terms

Dress Rentals: Rhythmic Rentals will keep 100% of the first rental. Subsequent rentals will be split 50/50 with consignee.

Dress Sales: Proceeds from sales are split 30/70 (30% to Rhythmic Rentals, 70% to consignee). Any offers below posted sales price need to be approved by consignee (using email correspondence).

Payments are processed once a month and can be expected to take 7-10 days to arrive to the address you provide. If your address changes, it is your responsibility to inform us.

Consignee is responsible for all shipping costs to and from consignee.

Rhythmic Rentals is responsible for all shipping costs for try-ons, rentals and sales to our customers.

Consignee is responsible for all touch-up and repair costs to dress to get it in condition to rent or sell.

A cleaning/handling fee of $50 will be charged along with any shipping charges if client wants to use their dress.

For dresses offered only for sale, the following applies: a $35 setup fee; an additional $35 carrying fee to be charged at the start of each successive 12-month period we agree to carry the dress.

Other Terms

Once published, dresses are to remain in Rhythmic Rental possession for 9 months from publication unless determined no longer suitable to carry. 

Rhythmic Rentals reserves the right to stop carrying the dress at any time. When this occurs, the consignee will be contacted and shipping will be arranged. Consignee is responsible for return shipping fees.

You authorize Rhythmic Rentals to send your dress out for try-on, rental, and/or purchase as agreed to in this contract and associated emails.

You authorize Rhythmic Rentals to display and promote your dresses as it sees fit, including posting on its website.

To cancel your dress consignment with Rhythmic Rentals, notification must be received by email. Rhythmic Rentals reserves the right to keep the dress for existing reservations and/or try-ons. The dress would then be returned after their completion.

Consignee may not offer their dress for rental or sale while under this consignment agreement.